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What are bookmakers' traps? Tips to avoid falling into bookmakers' traps when analyzing football betting

Aside from offering betting odds to players, bookmakers also employ various tricks that lead to players losing. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and experienced in recognizing these traps set by bookmakers. To understand more about what bookmakers' traps are and how to avoid them, let's follow today's soccer tips from the experts' insights in the following article!

Expert football bettors share daily strategies for making profits through online betting. This article compiles all these experiences to assist amateur bettors in earning daily income and eventually becoming outstanding experts, passing down their betting experiences to future generations.

Football remains the most beloved sport globally due to its excitement and drama. Football betting thus attracts numerous fans worldwide. However, many bettors are more inclined towards enjoyment than having the experience and strategies to consistently win bets. This article shares hardcore experiences in football betting.

What is football betting?

Football betting is one of the most popular forms of betting. To participate effectively, bettors must possess comprehensive knowledge of football betting. Without understanding and trusting one's knowledge, accurate predictions cannot be made, leading to fewer wins.

First tactic: "The Sword of Nine Movements" – Overwhelming Victory

This tactic is easy to apply and offers a high chance of winning against bookmakers, with an expected success rate of up to 85%. This straightforward tactic may seem difficult to master initially. It is executed when a match takes a turn with a red card shown to a player on the field. In this case, if the odds remain unchanged, meaning the main odds remain unchanged, bet on the team receiving the red card to win by odds >=-9. The lower the payout, the higher the winning percentage.

This method is suitable for those with a Soccer tips account and can be combined with the red card tactic - "The Sword of Nine Movements". Reputable bookmakers like Soccer tips usually offer three specific odds per match. The turning point here is to select a match where the main odds are even, meaning a handicap of 0/0, with one team having a ¼ handicap and the other team also having a ¼ handicap. Pay close attention to these statistics to avoid confusion. Combine this with the red card tactic mentioned earlier and wait until the 70th minute of the match or later. Free soccer daily tip will then reduce one bet, leaving only two bets: one main bet and one secondary bet. At this point, bet on the remaining secondary bet, which is guaranteed to win about 90%. Additionally, the main bet should pay less than 90, ideally below 80, otherwise, do not participate.

Football betting experience: Where you place your bet is where you win

Bet on football in cycles

Betting in cycles helps increase your chances of winning. This online football betting experience helps you identify the winning streaks of teams during specific times.

This technique relies on observation and experience gained from tournaments. Carefully monitor selected team matches within a tournament. Afterwards, compile and identify the performance pattern of the team in the upcoming period.

Selective betting techniques

If you have little experience with football betting, choose under bets to increase your chances of winning. Some signs for you to choose the under bet for matches include:

Two teams with similar power ratios.

The team with the higher bet has been in a declining performance in recent matches.

The under bet should only be applied to important matches in major tournaments.

When strong teams have just achieved an important victory

Try to collect as much information about the match as possible to make informed decisions.

Analyze information about both teams you want to bet on.

Play over/under bets in major tournaments.

Major tournaments are usually more suitable for newcomers to learn and make predictions. Because in these tournaments, you will have more complete information compared to smaller tournaments.

Major tournaments include: English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc.

Maintain a strong mindset.

Try to maintain a strong mindset while betting to make more accurate predictions and decisions. Control your emotions to know when to add bets and when to withdraw quickly to preserve your capital. Once you lose control of your emotions, you will lose and lose money.

Set win-loss limits.

You should understand that winning many small games is more important than winning just one big game. Because if you lose, you lose a lot before and winning a game just helps you compensate for previous losses. Moreover, continuous small wins will help you optimize your cash flow and increase your betting amount when the opportunity arises.

Reasonably allocate betting funds.

Try to allocate your betting money reasonably according to your established betting strategy. Once you know how to allocate betting money, you are closer to winning. You will know which bets to bet more and which bets to bet on. Everything starts with difficulty so you need to get used to calculating and practicing a lot to accumulate betting experience. Utilizing best premium soccer tips can further refine your strategy and improve your chances of success.

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