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Killer of three Israeli soldiers was Egyptian border police officer, says army

A man who shot and killed three Israeli soldiers in a rare incident on the Sinai border with Egypt has been identified by the Israeli military as a member of the Egyptian border police.

Two Israel Defence Forces (IDF) combat soldiers were killed early on Saturday morning at a military post near Mount Harif, in the Negev desert, the army said. The discovery of their bodies a few hours later triggered a manhunt in which a third soldier was killed, as well as the assailant. A fourth Israeli soldier sustained minor injuries in the shootout.

An IDF statement on Sunday identified the attacker as an Egyptian police officer, who was killed by Israeli troops after being found “in Israeli territory”. It said an investigation “in full cooperation with the Egyptian army” was under way.

Israeli media reported that the unnamed assailant entered Israeli territory through an emergency crossing in the border fence designed to allow the IDF to access the restive Sinai peninsula, where smuggling rings running guns and drugs and terrorist groups such as Islamic State are active.,60867239.html