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What Makes Zinus Shawn Platform Bed Frame Becomes the Most Popular Bed Frame on Amazon?

The popularity of the Zinus Shawn Platform Bed Frame on Amazon has grown immensely. The ever-increasing number of customer reviews of over 28, 000 is mind-blowing. As if that is not enough, the number of answered questions is above 1000, as shown in many online platforms is evidence enough of this claim. This product also boasts a 4.6 star out of 5. The frame comes in a slim box with two sections. A transparent instruction sheet clearly showing the setup process is packed with is packed in the box.

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1) Sleeping On the Zinus Shawn Platform Bed

It can support up to 66 pounds without a struggle. The material used to make its steel frame is very strong. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for a weighty couple. Even with immense pressure on it, it is noise-free. With this type of bed platform, your floor is secure.

2) Offers Ultimate Storage Space

Its frame stands at 14 inches tall, which ultimately guarantees around 13 inches’ storage space under it. Large briefcases, clothing bins, and any other thing you want out of your way. The Zinus Shawn Platform Bed Frame suits people living in small apartments. Alternatively, if your room is full and looking for extra space to keep some of your stuff.

3) Easy to Assemble

One of the biggest strengths of this bed platform is its assembling simplicity. You do not need assistance from anyone if you follow the instructions attached to it carefully. Furthermore, no tool is required to make this bed. All you need are your bare hands and little expertise to assemble this platform bed frame. There will be no need for professionalism in handling this since it can quickly be done in minutes. Also, read Best platform bed -

4) Affordable

Compared to other bed frames, the Zenus Shawn bed frame is relatively cheap. The lowest type for $45 and the most expensive is $70. Although cheap products are said to be of low quality, this is not the case for this bed frame type. I cannot think of any other bed frame as cheap as the Zenus Shawn with equal quality assurance.

5) Durable

Its frames are made of metal, which explains its strength. The fact that it is easy to put together does not make it easily breaks. I have been using the Zenus Shawn platform for three years now, and there are no signs of any breakage. The platform is as stable as its initial state. Furthermore, heavy persons have slept on it, and it shows no signs of struggles. If your weight is quite significant, and you’re looking for a cheap bed platform option, the Zenus Shawn platform bed is the best option for you.


I bought my first Zenus Shawn platform bed two years ago. Initially, I was so skeptical about its strength and durability. Its affordability and ease of assembling significantly altered my thought on this product. I did not believe spending such kind of money would give me a platform bed that would last this long. If you are looking for a cheap, light, and long-lasting bed platform, the Zinus Shawn platform bed is the way to go. Follow us on: Platform Bed Expert

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