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In recent years, the use of vaping products has surged in popularity, particularly among young adults. However, concerns have been raised regarding the enticing flavors available in these products, such as "bubblegum," "cherry," "pineapple," and other fruity options. Council member Michael Bond of Atlanta is among those who question the marketing of these flavors, suggesting that they may appeal to children and potentially encourage their participation in vaping. In this article, we will delve into the perspectives surrounding this issue, explore the existing loopholes in federal guidelines, and examine the efforts being made to protect young individuals from the potential risks associated with vaping.

The Need to Protect Our Children

Council member Michael Bond is a strong advocate for safeguarding children from harmful influences. Recognizing the growing popularity of vaping among young individuals, Bond raises concerns about the enticing flavors used in these products. He firmly believes that the marketing of fruity flavors may make vaping more appealing to children, thereby increasing their susceptibility to experimenting with these products. To address this issue, Bond has introduced legislation aimed at working collaboratively with responsible vape store owners who share the common goal of protecting children from potential harm.

Loopholes in Federal Guidelines

According to Bond, there exists a loophole in federal guidelines that dictates how vaping merchandise can be marketed. This gap allows for the promotion of flavors that could potentially attract young users. Bond asserts that closing this loophole is crucial to curbing the appeal of vaping products to children. To achieve this, he is urging federal authorities to take action and implement stricter regulations regarding the marketing and availability of these products.

Responsible Vape Store Owners Take a Stand

Lisa Gano, the owner of several vape stores, including one in Atlanta, shares her perspective on the matter. While Gano ensures that only individuals aged 21 and above can access her stores, she disagrees with the idea of eliminating fruit flavors from the market. Gano believes that responsible vape customers should